Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can't hold my tongue any longer

I said that I wouldn't talk about the octobitch on my blog, but I'm sick and tired of seeing stories about her. Will someone please explain to me why the hell anyone is giving her anything? This was not some accident or "miracle". This loony toon had IVF and had 8 babies at 1 time. This was done deliberately, and she should have to deal with the consequences of CHOOSING to be single and have 14 kids! I still want to know how someone with no job and on assistance can get IVF when there are actual hardworking women that are not a drain on society that can't afford it? I thought it was bad when I had to start going to get WIC for my foster son, and I had to be around all these lazy ass women milking the government for everything they can get. But oh no....this crazy bitch has taken the cake and expects everyone to give her more because she "deserves it".

I love that I keep running into other bloggers that say it's wrong not to help her with the kids because if we don't then we're punishing the kids. The best help for those kids would be getting away from her! There are lots of wonderful, loving couples that can't afford IVF or that fertility treatments won't work for that would love to adopt those kids. Just because she had them doesn't make her the best choice to raise them. That woman needs a lot of shock therapy and a padded room.

Now Rob tells me about an article he found that talks about her new house that was purchased with donations. A $535,000 house purchased with effing donations?! Hello people we have people that have always been hard working, but just had some bad luck and lost their jobs and their homes that no one is reaching out to help. But yet people want to give money to Nadya Suleman so she can live in luxury while she sucks on the government teet just because she happens to be a human version of a cat! This makes no sense at all! Everyday there's a new story of her stupidity and everyday someone steps up to give her something. What the hell is wrong with people?

If you want to help kids then donate to a children's cancer or diabetes research fund, volunteer as a Big Brother Big Sister, become a foster parent, become a CASA Advocate...DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN GIVE THIS WOMAN $$$$$!


GINA and KEV said...

You have every right to be angry. It doesn't make any sense that 1) she was not evaluated and 2) that her loony toon doc implanted so many embies. They're both to blame.

niobe said...

.. just because she happens to be the human version of a cat!

This made me laugh out loud. (though even my cat didn't have eight freaking kittens at a time)

But, honestly, the whole thing is both sad and infuriating and I agree with you completely.

armyadamsgirl said...

Sing it sister!!! She is a total freaking nut job and i believe all her kids ALL 14 should be taken away from her...

She has made all people who may get IVF the butt of jokes,

She went and had IVF knowing her home wasnt getting paid for...I believe she is wants babies and then she wants nothing more from them after they are born ON TO THE NEXT BABY...

UGH hopefully her children can be someone elses miracles..

I am in 100 percent agreement with you.