Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Madison and Ella

Every time I see 2 butterflies I think of Madison and Ella. Ella is the daughter and angel of my friend, Mesa. I always pray for Mesa around the 18th of month because that's when Ella got her wings. Even though I lost Maddie almost a year before Ella was born, Mesa has helped me deal with so much. I reached out to her a few days after Ella died in the hopes that I could help in some way and we ended up helping each other. In the midst of grief and sorrow, I gained a friend. That's why I know that Maddie and Ella are together in heaven laughing and playing and sending us tons of hugs and kisses.

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mesa said...

I'm so grateful to have gotten to know you. You have given me more comfort that you will ever know. I am sorry both our hearts had to be broken for our hearts to understand each other but I will be forever grateful to you. I love you and I love Maddie ♥
thank you Maddie's momma!
Ella's momma!