Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I had another visit with the perinatologist today, and Rob went with me. This was the fastest visit so far. We didn't have to wait too long to be seen which was great. We had a nice long ultrasound, and got to see our little girl again. They checked her out very thoroughly. Her placenta looks great which puts me at ease. By this point when I was pregnant with Madison, her placenta had started to die in several places. Baby girl's due date is September 22. I have no clue where my OB got this date from. I think he looked up the wrong date when I first came in, and I didn't realize it until weeks later. Now he won't change it. My correct due date should be September 16. Baby girl is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead at this point. They are estimating her weight to be 1 pound 14 ounces! My blood pressure is still decent, and since I'm on the lowest dosage we still have room to increase medication if need be. I'm counting down the days until I reach my 3rd trimester which is my next goal.

All of our floors have been fixed so now I can get back to fixing up the house, and working on the nursery. We finished up Fuzzy's big boy room on Sunday, and he loves his new sports theme. I'm not sure when I last gave an update on Fuzzy's status, but we are still in a waiting game. The judge gave BM another 3 month extension before she will consider changing the case plan like the agency recommended. So we will go back to court in August. Actually Rob will go back to court because I can't travel outside the city anymore per my doctor. :( I was so hoping to be taking steps toward adoption by now.

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niobe said...

What great news! I was so thrilled to see you posted an update and even more thrilled after I read it.

You, Fuzzy and Baby Girl are always in my thoughts and prayers.