Friday, May 28, 2010

Sick Kid

The daycare mentioned yesterday evening that they thought Fuzzy may have an urinary tract infection because he was crying and holding himself whenever he tried to urinate all day. Oh joy! Thanks for telling me at 5:45 PM after all the doctors are closed instead of calling me during the day so I could make plans to get him in to his pediatrician. When he got home he acted like it was hurting him to go so we grabbed him some cranberry juice and gave him some pain reliever before bed. I drop him off this morning, and about an hour later the daycare is calling saying that he's doing the crying and holding again. I call his doctor, and luckily they could get him in about 20 minutes after I called. So I haul ass from work, grab him, and haul ass clear across town to the doctor. They weren't able to get a urine sample, but put him on antibiotics. Also the doctor is sending in a referral to a pediatric surgeon to have him circumcised. Oh joy! More fighting with his BM to get him a surgery that he needs. I wish the state could just sign off on these things. It would make everyone's life easier. I tried to call his social worker to give her a heads up, but I figured this close to a holiday she wouldn't be in the office. So I'll just wait until I hear from the surgeon's office to call her back and start the festivities.


Colleen said...

My friend's son is uncirc'ed and he just had a huge infection (at 8...poor guy!), if there is any way to get it done now do it, but it sounds like you are just fighting the court on that one. Lots of hugs.

And congrats on the good u/s, I know how much it means to you and I'm so glad to hear that you are having a (mostly) healthy pregnancy.

Dream Mommy said...

The judge can approve the surgery if it's medically necessary, so insist on it! Also, make sure EVERYTHING related to the surgery is signed by the judge, including anesthesia consents(which are sometimes difficult to get them to let you take the consent forms out the office). Bio mom cannot sign consent cause child in state custody and caseworker cannot sign, so that leave only the judge and can be quite a pain. Let me know if you have any questions.