Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Closing Time

I am beyond fed up with L. If it's not one thing with her, it's another. Now her thing is destroying her room at night after we go to bed. We put her to bed around 8, and we go to bed about 10. We go to her room in the morning to find it looks like a disaster area. She's pulled all the diapers off the shelf and tore up the sticky tape on them. She took all of the wipes out of the case one by one. She pulls all her clothes out of the closet and the dresser, and off of the hanging shelves. The dirty laundry is in bed with her, and basically everything she can reach has been turned over. We made her help us clean up last night, and explained to her again that this is not something you do. Only to find the same thing this morning. I'm done. I freaking refuse to spend my time cleaning her room again. When I clean it again it will be to pack her stuff so she can move. We just can't get through to her, and at this point I don't need her stressing me out. I'm not even sure I'm going to call her current social worker since she doesn't seem to care what she does. Her response to everything she is told is "Oh." I wish L's old case worker would come back from medical leave because this new one is a waste of space. She's coming by Friday afternoon for a monthly visit so she can see the crap that L does for herself. I'm not sure what the hold up is now with the aunt taking custody of the kids, but it needs to hurry up.

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armyadamsgirl said...

Our son use to do something very similar he would tear up his room and his bed and throw everything on the floor ect and throw all his toys around... i wouldnt clean it.. i made him do it (of course he is a little older than l).. finally we just had to take everything out of his room besides his bed...it sucks..he is finally learning not to do this and is earning his things back. I wish they would hurry up and move L..