Saturday, February 6, 2010


Things are going good with my pregnancy. I had my first visit with my doctor this week, and also had my first ultrasound. I saw our little one's heartbeat, and the baby is measuring bigger than I expected. So my due date was changed to Sept. 14 from September 20. I have to continue monitoring my blood pressure, and also start monitoring my blood sugar 4 times a day. I will start seeing the perinatologist or high risk specialist around 14 weeks. This past week I have been having a problem keeping my blood sugar levels down, but my doctor thinks it's because I've been battling some congestion. So I'm taking a z-pack right now, and praying this finally kills off this nasty crud I've had. Also I'm in zofran for my nausea just like I was when I was pregnant with Madison. It's been a lifesaver!

Other news from the home front, L will be leaving our home on Monday. She will be moving with her older siblings to live with their aunt. We're all happy that this is finally happening, and we can work on bringing our home back to a normal environment (well as normal as a foster family can be). I wish her and her family the best.


niobe said...

sounds like good news all round. : )

Dream Mommy said...

whoa! Late congrats! How did I miss that? Sending prayers your way!