Thursday, January 14, 2010


A lot has changed since I last posted. The day I emailed L's social worker to let her know that we needed her moved to a new home, and that we would give them a month to find her a new placement. She called to tell me that they had staffed the case the day before, and L's aunt has been granted a conditional placement for L and her 2 older siblings. So in about the next 2 weeks, L will be moving back into a home with her siblings which is what we really wanted for her. I just hope that her issues don't get ignored since she will be living with 8 other kids. She really needs to be tested for mental illness and/or autism, and we were in the process of getting that set up.

We had a nice trip to TX, and enjoyed spending time with family. Avianna is so smart, and so cute! It's wonderful to hear her talk, and see her crawling all over the place. I know she will be walking soon. It just doesn't seem like it's been a year.

I'm enjoying a lovely cold right now also. I thought it was just my sinuses draining, but it has now progressed into a full blown, hacking up nasty stuff, sneezing, and coughing time. The stopped us nose did allow me to change to very stinky diapers tonight, and not smell a thing! :)

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armyadamsgirl said...

i am glad for L to be with her siblings that is great.. i hope the aunt isnt overwhelmed with 8 children it seems like a lot. You are been on my mind alot. I am hopeful for you and rob and fuzzy to remain a family...