Friday, December 11, 2009

Party Mayhem

We went to a Christmas party/dinner for our church band tonight. I am thanking God that I am at home now on my couch in my comfy pjs and the 2 bad ass kids are in bed. I will not...let me repeat...I will never take those 2 kids to another party that is not a child's birthday party ever , ever, ever again. I think we were there 5 minutes when L started in with her screaming and crying because I asked her to go back in the living room because the kitchen is not a playroom. I promptly took her outside, squatted down to her level, and talked calmly to her. Yeah, and that worked out so well...whatever. So after a few minutes of this not working I asked her did she want to play with the dog. That shut her up quick.

Then we had dinner. L ate all her food rather quickly, and I know it's just because someone else fixed her plate. If I had fixed it she would eat like she usually does at home, either it would take forever or she would eat. Then Fuzzy decided that he was hungry but didn't want to put in the effort to eat for himself. So I had to sit next to him the whole time feeding him. I barely got to eat for myself. Once we gave up on him eating, he roamed around playing. He kept getting a hold of things that he shouldn't and throwing horrible fits anytime someone told him no. I was ready to go long before I normally would have wanted to leave just to get them both home and in bed. Another thing is that people don't listen and don't remember that we don't want L staying in people's laps and being carried around like a baby. We're trying to break her of that dependence on people especially the need to run to and hold on to strangers. She does a lot of inappropriate things that we have been trying to work on.

We got home and I put Fuzzy to bed with no problem. L fought and cried and screamed for sometime until I finally gave up and just left her in the room screaming. She stopped a few minutes later. These fits of hers drive me crazy. I just have to walk away. I just want to scream because they make no sense at all.

I have learned that the next time someone invites us over I have to drop the kids at the grandparents or get a babysitter if I want to enjoy myself.

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armyadamsgirl said...

sorry the party was so hard... we have adams work party on friday and heck yeah the kids are going to the babysitter!