Saturday, October 17, 2009


Friday we finally got Fuzzy the surgery that he's been needing for months. He had tubes put in, and is doing great. And if this keeps him from having ear infections and constantly having fluid in his ears, then all the time spent in doctor's offices and being pissed off at the BM for not showing up on time don't mean anything anymore. Right now he's taking a much needed nap next to me on the couch after being put in "time out" for the 3rd time for hitting L. We're planning on having a nice, boring weekend at home. As long as the rain stays away, we'll take the kids to the park this afternoon. After a long, rushed, stressful week a little time at home and outside in nature is just what everyone needs. I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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Kristine said...

Glad that Fuzzy will hopefully have some relief! Hope you did get that relaxing weekend. You deserve it!