Monday, June 1, 2009

What's Happenin'

Well, let's see what's happened since my last post:

I think L had a good birthday. She loved all of her gifts especially the cheap little baby bottles for her dolls. She loves her playhouse and her new doll. We met her grandmother and mom at the park the afternoon of her birthday so they could spend some time with her. It was nice seeing her happy, relaxed, and smiling.

On Friday, we had L's Family Team Conference and my department was having an out of the office fun day at the lake. I had planned to go to the FTC, but I've missed too much work lately. And in order to make sure I could get the time away from the office I will need in a couple of weeks approved I had to miss the meeting. So Rob took off Friday to go to the FTC for us. I had already spoken to L's mom several times about giving her another little party that day with her siblings. L's mom told me that the only thing she needed us to bring was the cake. I should have known better than that. Rob took the cake and an extra set of plates (just in case) with him. The family had a bunch of junk food and that's all. They didn't even have plates or a damn knife for the cake. Thank goodness I picked out a cake/cupcake combo so all they ate were the cupcakes since they couldn't cut the cake.

During the FTC, Rob learned a lot more about L's mom and all her issues and let me tell you that there are a ton of them. He also learned that L is lactose intolerant. WTF?'re just know mentioning this. This child has been with us 2 months and has been having the foulest, nastiest diapers I have ever seen. I have almost thrown up several times. So now I've switched her to soy milk and I'm praying that things will get better.

L is still crying at the drop of a hat for almost anything. I keep talking to her about why she shouldn't be crying the way she does. She's also still screaming bloody murder when it's time to leave daycare or the church nursery or just leave someone that she just met in the hallway for a minute.

Wednesday evening , we're meeting with the therapist to have L evaluated. I'm hoping that she's eligible for as much help as they can give her because she really needs it. People joke about it, but I really believe that if she doesn't get professional help that Fuzzy will start really talking before she does.

Speaking of Fuzzy, he's cruising everywhere. He's not too interested in standing without holding on to something, but he's pulling up and walking all the time. I've started planning his birthday party and trying to figure out where we will have it. Right now I have about 50 people on the invite list so it's starting to look more and more like we will not have it at our house simply due to space and cost. Renting a tent and tables and chairs is pretty $$$. We will have his permanency meeting next week. I'm praying that they don't extend his BM's time. CW mentioned that her supervisor told her to talk to BM about surrendering her rights, but we all know that BM won't do that. She will drag things out until the end because she's not thinking about Fuzzy and what's in his best interest. I truly believe that she's had plenty of time and opportunities to do what they ordered her to do. But instead she's trying to make things appear to be good enough to hopefully fool people into just sending him home. The CW sees what she's doing, but will that help things I don't know.

Here's a couple of pictures of my son.

Well, my hair is almost dry so I can go to sleep soon. I'll try to update more often, but this week will be hella busy with Vacation Bible School each night after work until 8:15. Thank goodness it's only a week.


Dream Mommy said...

Be careful about doing visits outside of scheduled visits(not sure if that is what you meant by the extra B-day party). I know I did with Smiley, but it wasn't til the adoption was nearly finalized. Bio family may start expecting more. Always bring your own food, supplies etc if you do this. I let Smiley see his mom for a B-day and a roach jumped out of the cake pan. She then asked if Smiley could eat some(thankfully, he has feeding issues couldn't chew). Of course, she fed the cake to her other two girls(who are not supposed to be alone with her).

I never had bios surrender,except for J's, but only at the TPR hearing where they were going to lose their rights anyway. Even if parents want to surrender, it is usually difficult, because it's not as easy as just signing one paper.

I hope you are able to get some help for L. Let me know if this dr. doesn't work out because we found an excellent one for K in the N.O. area.

Maddie's Mom said...

L did have an unscheduled visit on her birthday, but only because the CW called and asked me to do it. The family has asked several times and I've always said no unless it's through the CW. The extra party was actually held in the state office an hour before the FTC. And actually everything they brought was new since they ran by Walmart at the last minute because for some reason they thought I was bringing everything. And this is after we've discussed it several times that all we were doing was the cake since this was her 2nd party in a week. The roach in the cake pan just made my stomach turn. I will update on L and her therapy hopefully tonight after we have our 1st visit this evening.

Dream Mommy said...

Ok, just making sure noone takes advantage of you. I'm very protective of my foster parent friends. I know it's tempting sometimes to get too friendly with the bio parents. I still have a hard time telling Smiley's mom no if she wants to visit. I guess it's because I have the final say and she's not a danger to him if she is supervised, and then I want his sisters to have a little time with their brother.