Friday, January 30, 2009

It's back

I'm still not sure why I can't seem to ever get Squeaky fully well. We got a call from the daycare Tuesday at noon that he was running a fever of 102 so I left work to go get him. He had slept for 4 hours since I left him that morning and that is not like him at all. This is a child that only naps for 30 minutes usually so I knew he was coming down with something. I was hoping that the fever was because he got shots the day before. He usually runs a temp for about 24 hours or so after his shots, but we try to keep him medicated to prevent that. I brought him home and he went back to sleep. He slept another couple of hours. He would barely eat anything. He just cried and fussed. He would take the bottle and suck a little bit and then start gagging. This lasted all night and into the next morning so I called the doc to get him in that morning. They checked him out and said that his throat was blood red, but the nurse couldn't say for sure if it was thrush again or strep throat. She didn't want to give him antibiotics to treat strep if it was in deed thrush so she called in the thrush med. And wanted us to give it to him as soon as possible and bring him back the next day to see if that has helped. I was hoping and praying it was thrush and not strep even though I couldn't figure out how he got thrush again. I sterilized the crap out of everything that we kept and replaced most of his bottles with new ones the last time.

So I fought him to get the medicine down and gave him some ibuprofen which seemed to help a lot. He was able to take his bottles with a lot less pain. Rob took him back to the doc yesterday, and she said he looked better so we will be sticking with the thrush medicine for the next few days to clear things up. He's back at daycare today, and hopefully having a good day. I just hate to see him in pain and feel so helpless sometimes because I can't figure out exactly what the problem is. I just pray that when the weather gets better he will finally get completely healthy.

I feel like a little kid at Christmas stalking and waiting for my Nutri*system box to arrive. I'm so ready to start. We haven't been eating well at all these past few days with a sick baby no one really feels like or has time to cook so we're running out and grabbing junk. I'm hoping it will get here early, but right now it's scheduled to arrive the middle of next week. Ughhhh! Hurry up!

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