Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year everyone. We had a pretty low key new year's eve this year. Some of Rob's friends came over for a while, and I was glad to see them go. They are boring and lack personality...but i digress. I planned a couple of fun foods for us to have to make the night special. I made a Colby/Monterey jack fondue that we enjoyed with big chunks of Hawaiian bread and sauteed chicken. Yum! I bought Rob some Samuel Adams Black Lager (And it was good. Tastes like chocolate beer :) and I had some wine. We spent most of the evening laughing and talking to Squeak because he was in one of his "talkative" moods. I still wonder what he's trying to say to us sometimes. LOL! He went to bed about 10 because it was hard to get him to sleep with all the fireworks going on outside. Another friend of ours, Scott, came by and rang the new year in with us. He brought us some Martha Washington balls that he and his mom made. All I can say is Yummy and thanks Scott! We had a nice relaxing evening and thoroughly enjoyed it.

New years day we all stayed in our pajamas all day. We spent the day watching a Looney Toons marathon with Squeak. It was fun to see the old, good cartoons before everything got so PC and sensitive. I love me some Pepe La Pu and the Roadrunner. I cooked dinner that night which consisted of New Year's Day staples like cabbage greens and black eyed peas with a pork rib roast. I hope the rest of this year is like yesterday, spending time relaxing with my 2 boys.

I stopped writing resolutions several years ago, and changed to goals for this year. Some of my goals are:

1. Lose weight for my health
2. Pay down debt
3. Stick to my monthly budget
4. Spend as much time as possible with my son and husband
5. Live life one day at a time
6. Get more active

I hope everyone has a happy and blessed 2009!


armyadamsgirl said...

good luck with your new years resolutions.

Kristine said...

Happy New Year! Your menu sounded yummy...i love, love, love fondue. Glad you had a great time with your boys, and good luck with your goals!
p.s. love the new look of your blog!