Saturday, November 22, 2008


I'm completely exhausted right now. Last weekend we packed up the car, and went to Dallas for my brother and his girlfriend, Janet's baby shower. The trip there wasn't that bad. We left town about 9 and got there about 3. Squeak did really well in the car, thank God! He slept most of the way except when we stopped and wake, feed, and change him. The shower started at 6 that evening so we didn't get any rest after being on the road all day. We had fun, and it was a great shower, but we were ready for it to be over a long time before it ended. I was dreaming about getting the bed and going to sleep, but we couldn't since we were staying with my brother instead of in a hotel. I will probably never make that mistake again because there was no way to get Squeak to sleep with a party in the next room. So he took a couple of cat naps through out the party, but he was still up after midnight when the party finally died off. It took me over an hour to calm him down and get him to sleep only for him to wake up a couple of hours later. He was even worse the next night.

That Sunday afternoon we all went to the new Babies R Us, and had fun shopping. This was my first opportunity to go to one, and I was in love. The selection of baby stuff was amazing. I could actually touch and feel things that I can only find online usually since we don't have a real baby store in our hometown. I finally found a rug to complete the nursery, and it was on sale for $50 from it's original price of $100! Janet and my bro bought Squeak a cool portable and adjustable space saver highchair and several outfits to wear this winter. Then we chilled out that night eating wings and watching the Cowboys play. Janet and I went through and tried to organize all the tons of gifts she's gotten from her 2 baby showers. Squeak kept me up most of the night with coughing fits and just not wanting to sleep. I finally got him to sleep for a couple of hours swaddled in his car seat sitting next to our bed.

The trip back home was good too. S had gotten a new toy that hangs from his car seat handle with a couple of squeaky fish, a big bright smiling sun that makes a crinkling noise, and a whale shaped teething ring. He loves that toy. He will play with it and play with it. It kept him happy most of the time that he was awake while we were on the road. I had been battling a sinus infection the week before we left, and I thought it was mostly gone. But Sunday morning I woke up in excruciating pain. It felt like someone was driving ice picks into various points in my head. My neck was killing me too. By the time we got home I was worn out from dealing with that for 2 days. I took some more medicine, and within an hour I was throwing up and dealing with some other issues that I'll leave out. I stayed that way for the next 2 days. My body ached and ached. I could barely hold my baby. It took until Friday for me to be able to eat food besides soup and clear liquids. I went back to work the day after all of this started and felt horrible the whole day, but the amount of paid time off I have left is very low. Everyone I work with avoided me, and I can't blame them. I looked like something the cat coughed up. I finally feel better and my sinus pressure and drainage is mostly gone thank God. I hate getting older. I used to pop back from illnesses a lot faster and easier. :(

I still hope to get some good sleep the next couple of days before Thanksgiving. My brother, his girlfriend, and her son will be coming for Thanksgiving so I have to cook stuff for that dinner plus make dishes for the Thanksgiving lunch with my in-laws at my house. And then there's Black Friday. I've only skipped the madness 1 year in the last 15+ years that I've been partaking in this insanity. I'm praying that I can keep myself out of the physical stores for the most part or at least avoid the huge stores and the mall. Hopefully the internet and QVC will be my friend, and I can shop from the comfort of my couch. ***Keeping fingers and toes crossed***

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