Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm back (Long Post)

I can't believe so much time has passed since I posted on here, but I've been so busy. Right now everyone in the house is sick so that doesn't make things any easier. I've basically gotten into the routine of getting up, getting S ready, running out the door to drop him and Rob off before I trek back across town to work, working 8+ hours a day, picking S up from daycare, picking Rob up about an hour after that, then coming home to try to find something for dinner. Then we're trying to spend some time with S doing tummy time and time in his B*umbo seat. I feed him and get him ready for bed then I may have another hour or so before I go to bed because morning comes very quickly now. Once he's in bed we try to get the kitchen cleaned, his bottles cleaned, and formula ready for the next day. Fun!

We've been in a never ending battle to find the right formula for Squeaky. He started out on E*nfamil Lipil with Iron, but he was being changed to the Soy formula when he got moved to us. His doctor was changing him to soy because of gas and fussiness. Once he was completely on the soy it was fine for a few days, but then the constipation started. We tried everything and the only thing that really worked was giving him about 4 ounces a day of full strength pear juice under doctors orders or a suppository. This is not the route I want for my baby. I want him normal and not dependent on juice or other things to have a BM. So I changed his formula to the Gentle*ease after talking with some other parents. He did pretty good on it and became regular again, but he was spitting up a lot. He would go through 3 outfits and countless bibs everyday from the spitting up alone. So I talked to the nurse at the health unit about it, and she suggested Lacto*free. She gave me about 4 days worth of samples, and he's been doing great! He does still spit up up, but that's to be expected. But it's no where near the amount he was doing. So I think we have a winner in the formula war.

Now on to my other battle. S has been congested since we got him in September. We tried all of the home things we could do for him like cold mist vaporizer and a wedge under his mattress so he would at an incline. We suction that child's nose constantly, but nothing got rid of the congestion. We finally got his medical records moved and got him into a new doctor that diagnose him with a severe case of thrush that was in his lungs causing the congestion. We treated that, but the congestion never went away. About 2 weeks later his fever spiked to 103 one night out of no where, and we were able to get it down but he kept a fever for 2 days. Rob took him in to the doctor, and they said he had a cold. She gave Rob a list of things we could do for him and a list of over the counter meds we could give him. **Red flag #1 on this doctor's office: All of the meds on the sheet have been pulled from the market a while ago.** I was able to get him some Little No*ses decongestant spray, and that helped for a couple of days. But he still wasn't getting any better. Then last week he started getting worse. His cough was horrible and he would wake himself at night because he was drowning in mucus. His appetite dropped significantly. We were so worried about him. So we both took off early Friday to take him to the doctor again because I was afraid he had RSV or somethings more than a cold.This visit we were actually going to see the doctor and not the nurse practitioner. We've never seen his doctor at all. In he walks and tell us that S has a cold or "Louisiana Sniffles". He didn't even look at him before making a diagnoses. ***Giantic Red Flag on Fire*** This quack proceeds to tell us that he sees this all the time and it's from the pollen, mold, and roach poop. WTF? Are you saying that I have roaches in my house or my daycare has roaches? He then tells me to put the baby on the table so he can look at him.

He listens to S's chest for a second while he's being a rude pompous ass to Rob. He has the stethoscope in his ears while Rob is talking to him. The doctor looks at me and tells me that "If he's talking to me tell him I can't hear him with these in my ears." The quack then says that the baby is just fine keep giving him nose drops and suctioning him. It took everything I had not to rip his fucking throat out. You could hear the arrogance in his voice. How are you going to tell us about LA weather and how it makes you sick? We were both born and raised here, but listening to his thick accent you could tell he wasn't. How dare you talk down to us or any of your patients? Is this how you treat all of your patients or just the ones that use Medi*caid? I told him that since he wasn't going to do his job and help this baby then I was going to take him to the hospital to get some help. He then asks me do I want a referral to see another doctor in the hospital clinic to get a 2nd opinion. I said yes and he left the room without another word. I should have knocked him on his ass.

We left and took S to the other clinic. They were much better and listened to us. They prescribed him an antihistamine and decongestant syrup. And S has been doing so much better. What was so fucking hard about listening to us and giving this child the medicine that he needs? No one should have to suffer just because they don't have state insurance. How can anyone that calls them self a pediatrician let a child suffer needlessly? I will be sending a compliant letter about this. I'm still fuming about that whole situation.

Well, we're getting ready for our first road trip with a baby. I've been making my lists in hopes of making this a nice trip. We're leaving Saturday morning for Dallas to go to my brother and his girlfriend, Janet's baby shower. I'm excited because this will be the 1st time they've met S. We'll be staying at their house this weekend, and we'll even get a night to ourselves to go out. Janet wants to get in some practice with a little baby again since it's been a while for her. Her only other child, Alex, is 15. So S will serve as a nice refresher course for the both of them. I'm so excited to be an Aunt soon. I can't wait to meet her!

I know I promised some Halloween pictures but I forgot to take some that didn't show his face. But if I know you just email me, and I'll send them to you. S went as my little chili pepper. Too cute! But I do have some pictures from this weekend that I can share on here, and I promise to post more often too.

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Kristine said...

Glad to see the pictures! He's adorable. I can relate to dealing with a sick boy. J has been constantly sick for 3-4 weeks with congestion as well. It's heartbreaking, isn't it? The doctor finally figured out that he has an ear infection so prescribed antibiotics. Why does it have to take so long???

p.s. love the new blog look! The background is too gorgeous!