Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My baby boy is sick again...correction he's still sick. He stays sick to one extent or another. But now he's got the runs (I couldn't think of a nicer way to say it) and he's got a cough like a old sick man. He's not eating like he should, and I'm not sure why. It may be because of the intestinal issues or because of the fact that he sounds like he's drowning when he eats. I hate, hate, hate the dealing with Medicaid. It's the biggest soul sucking, time wasting, ball of bureaucratic red tape I've ever seen. And who gets the short end of the stick in all of it....the patients of course. If Squeak was on my PPO insurance we wouldn't be having this problem. I could take him to a good doctor that cares. We wouldn't be going into the 2 month of fighting to get this child well with little to no help from his doctor. I had to leave work early yesterday because he was running a high fever at daycare, and we had a horrible night of things coming out from both ends of the baby. Rob took off today to take him back to the horrible doctor because that's the only doctor I could get him an appointment with before next week. I'm hoping and praying that since it's close to the holidays that the doctor won't see him. I hope the nurse sees him because she's much better than that pompous ass of a doctor. I'm so beyond tired of my little guy being sick. I just want him well.


Dream Mommy said...

Can you find another doctor nearby who takes medicaid? Our doctors aren't the greatest, but they will give me referrals to anyone I request to see. Does he have asthma? They usually don't diagnose this young, but maybe they can get him a nebulizer(medicaid buys 1 every 5 years). How often is mom visiting? What might she be exposing him to? Bubbles' parents brought an iguana to a visit and put it all over her and she had the runs almost a week. Just a suggestion. Of course, they do get sick a lot as babies. I hope things get better.

Kristine said...

Hope the little guy is feeling better! We are having similar issues with medi-cal. Our pharmacy has delayed two different types of meds for his breathing because they're not covered and we're delayed by one week on a breathing maching. Very frustrating, isn't it? I feel for you guys. : )