Friday, September 19, 2008


R has a visit today with his birthmom at noon. I'm still trying to decide if I will go because I'm almost out of PTO at work. I really want to go to see his mom and to talk to the case worker face to face. The case worker has pissed me off so much in this last week. We will call her L. L is fairly new, she's only been doing this for a year. So I was trying to be understanding with her, but that has changed. Now I know she's just plan lazy. The only thing she's done so far is get R's daycare taken care of after I told her where I wanted him to go. She has not helped us at all in figuring out how to get him to a doctor. She told us to just call around and find him a doctor. But since we're his new foster parents his old doctor won't give us anything. They want his case worker to handle it, but she keeps telling us to do it. I can't get in touch with her supervisor at all. She doesn't return messages. The supervisor just tells L to call us, and then we get the same song and dance from L again. I've been on the phone everyday since last week trying to figure out how to get this baby to a doctor. At this point it's nothing serious he just has congestion and a rattle in his chest ,but I would like to have the doctor check out. Also it's time for his 2 month vaccinations. So I'm leaning towards going and working late to make up my missed time so I can talk to his case worker face to face.


Brandy said...

I'm sorry... your the caseworker sounds like a real douche bag!
I hope you get it figured out and get R to the doctor soon!

Dream Mommy said...

I know it's kinda late, but remember to send pictures to visits as often as possible. "mom" can complain about every little thing, but I've never had one complain about receiving pictures. Also, take some of "mom" and baby for his lifebook. You will NEVER get these pics from the cw if he later goes to adoption. I get creative and say, "Let me take a picture of your and your baby so I can put it on a frame by his bed and he can see mommy everyday." I've never been told no. You may not want pictures of them, but do it anyway.