Saturday, September 27, 2008


I can't believe that it's been so long since I've updated my blog. I never go this long, but since R joined us I just haven't had much time. I spend all my free time at work doing things for him like calling his worker or calling doctors. Yes, we still haven't gotten his pediatrician transferred. The new doc faxed the records request to his old doc this past Monday. I called the new doc Friday to check on the status and hopefully get him in for his shots, but they haven't heard anything from the old doc. I tried several times Friday to get someone with the old doc on the phone to no avail. So Monday morning I will try again, and if I don't have something done by noon I'm calling his worker again. She can deal with this. She's about 15 minutes from the old doc's office so she can go by there without a problem. If the old doc wasn't an hour away from us I would show up there myself. It's ridiculous. Just fax the damn records. It's not like it's brain surgery!

We're getting used to our new schedule. Rob and I are getting up bright and early each day to make sure that R is fed, changed, and ready for daycare by 7:15 each morning. Since we're sharing a car we drop R off first and then I drop Rob off, and then I make my way back across town to my office all by about 7:50 or so. It's funny that having a baby in the house is making us get to work early now. We used to get lucky to both get to work on time! Once I get off I pick up R and then go pick up Rob at 6:30. Then we have to try to cook dinner, do laundry, clean and make bottles, and get to bed as early as possible because the morning comes very quickly.

Last weekend we visited Rob's grandparents, uncle, and aunt, and they all are in love with R. It was so cute to see Papaw just light up talking about teaching R to fix things and make things with his hands. I hope he gets to pass all his knowledge on to R over the years.

Papaw and R

Aunt Marilyn with R

I'm supposed to be working on my church stuff right now, but I just had to update my blog while I had a free moment. Rob's on the couch with R so I get to work in peace. :)
I promise to try to keep things updated better because I know there are a lot of people that want to know how things are going with us. Love ya'll!


Dream Mommy said...

Don't count on the worker getting the records. J's doctor NEVER sent the shot records and noone could show any proof he had the shots, so we had to start him over. His doctor was over 2 hours away! It's always a pain getting records. The hospital would not give us ANY records for Princess when she was released, so the worker may have to get them. Stay on her.

I called Princess' worker's supervisor desperately trying to get her records sent to a cardiologist who was completely changing her meds from the NICU. They said it would take awhile. It was amazing how quickly the info got sent when she stopped breathing in the ER! It just makes me mad sometimes. They want us to care for these kids but don't give us the necessary info.

mesa said...

so glad things are going great with you guys Ashley! I am so glad you got a free moment to update! We're thinking about you guyS! Give R a kiss from Em!

Kris said...

Totally understandable about having the time to update your blog, but we are glad that you are able to do it once in awhile! I'm glad that you all are adjusting so well. Love the pictures, too! They're precious!