Friday, August 6, 2010

Bed Rest

I figured by now I would have updated my blog, and actually started posting again on a regular basis. But nope because I've spent most of the last 2 weeks asleep. I went in on July 28 to see the fetal medicine specialist for my monthly appointment. Well, my blood pressure was 190/89 so that meant that I couldn't leave. My OB popped up about 15 minutes later, and told me that I was being admitted for testing and steroids for mature the baby's lungs in case she had to be delivered. I ended up staying for 2 days, and getting my meds increased. I'm now on bed rest until further notice. I missed the wonderful shower that my co-workers threw for me that just happened to be the same day I was locked up in the hospital. I did manage to get out in time to go to my last shower that was on the 31st. It was a beautiful shower, but I was exhausted by the time it was over. On Wednesday, I had a follow-up visit with my OB and my blood pressure was still up. So he put me on an additional medicine, and so far so good. My blood pressure has been great, but I have been battling the side effects of the new med. I have been so sleepy all the time. I take this med 3 times a day which makes the drowsiness even better. But it's for the best. The longer I can keep her safely inside of me the better. So I will be 34 weeks next week, and just hope and pray that I can at least get to 36 weeks.

Oh yeah during the ultrasound I had on July 28, she's estimated to be 6 plus pounds already!

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