Monday, July 26, 2010

32 weeks

I'm still chugging along. This will probably be my last week working until after the baby comes. My blood pressure is starting to stay elevated, and the swelling in my lower extemities is pretty bad. It's hard to walk around much without my legs hurting, and they hurt to touch them too. I
have an appointment with my perinatologist this Wednesday so we will see how much little princess has grown. I will see my OB on Friday to see if he's going to make me stay home. I begged another week out of him last Friday so I could get some loose ends tied up at work.
Fuzzy had a fun birthday party. He loved running and playing with all the gymnatsics stuff and the huge ball pit. He got several toys that's he's addicted to, and has driven everyone crazy with them so far.
My first shower went well. I had a good time with my friends from church, and I'm so happy and blessed that so many people are happy for us.
Here are some pics from Fuzzy's party and my shower last weekend.
My hostesses Friends

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Nevididi said...

Fuzzy is so big!! You look great :)