Sunday, February 14, 2010

Very Sick

L moved in with her aunt a week ago, and Fuzzy has been acting out the past few days. I'm not 100% sure that this is the reason, but his behavior has been so different than he usually is, and more like L. I know this is just a phase and I will be glad when it's passed. I am sick as a dog. My insurance won't pay for anymore Zofran so I have been up shit creek for the past few days. My doctor has put me on Reglan four times a day, but I still stay sick all day and night. I couldn't work on Friday, and I have spend most of this weekend in bed. My school work is so behind that I'll probably have to take an incomplete in one of my classes. I am so ready for school to be over because it's just another thing that demanding energy from me that I don't have. I'm praying that I get better soon so that I can at least go back to work and do more than talk to my son from my bed or the couch. I hate to complain so much because I am very happy and blessed to be pregnant, but damn does it always have to be so hard. Can I please catch a break sometimes?


Amy said...

Oh Ashley ((((HUGE HUGS)))) I was so so sick, too, and just thinking about it makes me want to cry :( So I wanted to send a hug and let you know if you need someone to talk to, PLEASE email me! XO

Dream Mommy said...

I hope you get better soon. I couldn't imagine how it must be. I'm miserable from one day stomach sickness when I get it.