Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sleeping babies allow mommy to blog and shop online. Squeak is taking a nice long nap right now next to me on the couch. Rob is at the hospital visiting his grandpa who had another heart attack yesterday. He's doing good and should go home soon as long as the nurses can keep him in bed. He wants to go home now because he feels fine so he's been giving them hell. I survived all my overtime even though working all day Saturday just destroys your weekend. I'm glad that we didn't have to run the overheads and the sound today for church so we just chilled out all day. When Rob gets back, I will pick up our Christmas cards from Wal*greens so I can start getting them in the mail tomorrow. Also I need to do some mommy care like washing my hair, shaving legs, and fun stuff like that. My other goal for tonight is to cook dinner. We've been eating out way too much lately.

I have to call Squeak's social worker tomorrow to let her know about his latest injury to himself. He scratched the crap out of his eyelid last night when we put him to bed. He's scratched himself a couple of times before, and it usually happens when he's fighting sleep. But last night I put him in the crib and turned around to get a heavier set of pjs for him. He was already screaming, but he let out a shriek. I turned around to see blood running down his eye. I freaked out. I couldn't tell what he had done to himself. I got a cold damp towel and cleaned his face, but I'm still upset. He's smiling at me the whole time the blood is forming on his eyelid. Rob checked out the scratch, and says it shouldn't be too bad as long as we keep clean and covered in antibiotic ointment. But OMG to see blood running down his face was horrible. Well, the little one is awake now. Gotta go.

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Dream Mommy said...

I am always terrified to cut babies' nails cause I usually miss and you know how bio mom would just love to blame you for something.