Thursday, October 2, 2008


My co-workers threw myself and one of the other ladies in our department a small shower today. Her daughter just had a baby girl last week, and it's only right to make sure that the proud grandma has supplies. But since both her daughter and I have mostly everything we need for our babies they decided to throw us a diaper shower. What parent of an infant doesn't need diapers? I loved it! I ended up with 2 big containers of wipes, and 4 packs of Swaddlers and Huggies. I also got some burp cloths, comb and brush set, a cute bib, and a hat and bootie set. I wasn't expecting this at all. We were just supposed to have a group pizza lunch in one of the conference rooms. And this show couldn't have come at a better time because we were going to the store tomorrow to get more diapers for the house! I can now save that money for another day. :)

I also got a call from one of the CASA workers (Court Appointed Special Advocates) this evening. She's in charge of talking to the foster parents and getting a Christmas list from them for the kids. Each of the volunteers is assigned a child, and they always like shopping for the little ones. I wasn't expecting this call so I had no idea what to ask for besides a floor activity mat and any age appropriate toys they can come up with. She got all of R's sizes, and asked me what would be a dream gift I would like for him. I said that he would love to have a swing that goes side to side instead of the back and forth like our swing does. He's usually in the side to side swing at day care when I pick him up, but he rarely likes to swing in our normal back and forth swing. I think it's wonderful that there are people out there looking out for him and the other foster kids to make sure that they will have a merry Christmas with lots of gifts. I'm looking forward to Christmas this year since things will be totally different now that he's with us.


mesa said...

awww that's really sweet Ashley!

Dream Mommy said...

Remember, the two most important friends you can have are:
1. your child's attorney
2. your child's CASA worker

Kris said...

That is the greatest idea I've heard! More people should do the diaper shower thing. I, too, am looking forward to Christmas. Having a little one around makes it so much more special.

Ashley said...

I love your blog, and your son is beautiful!! I think I would just hold him all day long!!