Saturday, October 4, 2008


After over 3 weeks of phone calls to R's old doctor, new doctor,medicaid, and case worker I finally got him an appointment on Monday with the new doctor! I only had to call the old doctor every couple of hours for 2 days straight for them to fax over 1 freaking sheet of paper. ONE SHEET OF PAPER!!!!! The only record they claimed to have was his discharge paper, but it was enough for the new doctor to finally let us make an appointment. So Monday morning R will see his new pediatrician after I fill out a ton of paperwork. But it's worth it to finally have him moved to a new doctor, and to finally have his chest congestion looked at. He came to us with it, and after all the vaporizers, sleeping at an incline, and such he still has it. It's not bothering him, but it's bothering me. My poor little rattling baby. We still don't have a shot record, but I will check with the doc to see what he wants us to do because I plan to take him for his 2 month shots this week since he's late.

We also have to go back to the WIC office to get his formula vouchers re-issued. Even after getting a copy of the form that his doctor filled out changing his formula to a soy formula they still had him in the system for the regular E*nfamil lipil with iron. I didn't notice the error before I left because I was too busy trying to get the hell out of there once they called my name. So we will run by there before his doctor's visit since they're about a mile away. Pray for me that this visit is quick and painless as possible.

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Kris said...

Hope the visit went well!