Monday, November 5, 2007

Death Note

Why do people feel the need to tell me about every story they read about someone abusing or worse yet killing their children? They don't understand that it just makes me more pissed off at the world. I struggle for something that people think is trash. It makes me think of a new anime I saw a couple of weeks ago called Death Note. Basically a guy finds a book that tells him any name he writes in the book while thinking of that person, that person will die in a few minutes. You can even choose how they die, but if you don't they will just have a heart attack. I just think of all the people that I would write in that book. All the losers that hurt kids would be in that book. I'd even take the time to come up with creative ways for them to die, nothing nice and simple, oh no I want them to suffer. But the one drawback to the book is that if you use it you can never go to heaven. That's my only problem because I have to be with my Madison again one day. I couldn't give up
the chance to be with her again for anything.


mesa said...

I agree with ya- there's nothing I want more than to hold my sweet baby girl again. I know I'll see her one day and I am so ready for that day! I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize it. I am so sorry that everything is so "in your face" about hearing about how children are mis-treated. It shouldn't be like that. :(

pattyo said...

Why does there have to be the stupid restriction that you can't go to heaven? Screw that noise. I just want to fill that book with names. Mmmm ... I'm getting all excited just thinking about who I'd write in there!