Friday, January 3, 2014

The Stranger Reappears

Hello to anyone that's still around. I see I failed at my goal for last year and let my blog go dormant. I'm sorry about that. I let what we all do happen. I let life, work, family, sleep, eating, exercise, and whatever else get in the way to checking in here on a regular basis. I hope to do better this year because this has been such a cathartic place for me over the years and I don't want nor do I need to let it go. Just because we have been blessed to give birth to a healthy baby and finally adopt our son doesn't mean that my journey is complete. It's far from complete. New challenges are before me. Sooner or later we will start trying to expand our nest. I'm not sure if that will be through foster/adoption or birth. We're still licensed and get calls fairly often about placements, but we're not ready to go there yet (if ever).

I'm about halfway in my weight loss journey. I would like to lose another 70-80 pounds this year. I got flat out lazy this holiday season and gained instead of at least maintaining, but it's nothing that I won't lose again. Arabella has finished her 1st semester in preschool, and loves it. It's wonderful to see how she has blossomed in just a few months. I'm so glad that we put her into a school instead of leaving her in daycare for another year. She's also taking ballet, tap, tumble once a week

Jackson is doing great in kindergarten. He's been on the Principal's List each 6 weeks. He's learning to read too. We're still trying to find a good medicine/therapy combo for his ADHD. Right now he's on target and focusing the 1st half of the day, but goes downhill after that. We've had a few problems with acting out, but as far as the aggression we saw last school year he's a different child. His teacher says he's one of the sweetest kids she has in class :) He played flag football this fall. I'm not even going to get into how much I disliked that event, and the main problem was the parents. So many people don't realize that it's just a game!

Jack will be having corrective surgery in the summer to lengthen his Achilles tendons since they are too short because of his years of toe walking. I'm not looking forward to him being operated on, but I am looking forward to him being able to walk normally and run without a problem.

My other goals for 2014 include being more involved at church and at the kids' schools, doing more fun activities with the kids as a family, take more time for me like actually reading a book beside a bedtime story, and work on our finances so we can hopefully move to a bigger home in 2015.

So I will do my best to come by at least once a week to update or complain or brag or something like that.

And last but not least some new pictures of my loves ♥ and one from Halloween too lol.

Take care everyone!

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Carrie said...

Your kids have gotten so big! Glad you came back to update. Best to you and your family in 2014!