Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Again

Where have I been? Why did I disappear? Not really sure why. I've been busy with life and the kids and all that jazz, but I know I could have taken a few minutes out and spilled my guts. But I guess I didn't really want to. I felt like there wasn't much changing or happening out of the ordinary so I didn't stop to say anything. Sometimes I just didn't feel like talking about what was going on in my head or around me. Now it's a new year, and I'm back. I hope to stay around, but I won't make any promises. Here's the last half of 2012 in as few words as possible:

1. Fuzzy turned 4 and started Pre-K. He loves being in school and being a "big kid".
2. We moved Bella to a new babysitter, and she is doing great. No more fighting to make sure her food allergies are taken into account so no more mystery rashes.
3. We went to court several times, and will have a termination of parental rights hearing Jan. 18. We're praying this will end it all and move us to adoption.
4. The kids had a huge, awesome Christmas. Tons and tons of toys and gifts.

5. I'm doing pretty good on my weight loss goals. I'm down 59 pounds so far.

 So now it's 2013, and I am fired up over everything that I have planned. I made my list of goals for the year on New Year's Eve. I'm posting them here to make them "legit" lol.

Goals for 2013:

1. Get to my goal weight.
2. Continue paying down and off debt.
3. Do at least 1 more half-marathon.
4. Teach myself to use my sewing machine.
5. Construct a major cosplay outfit for an anime convention.
6. Continue attending a Sunday School class.
7. Take the kids out at least once a month for an outing just for them.
8. Have more me activities like mani/pedis and massages.
9. Not have to renew or foster license ever again.
10. Try at least 1 new recipe each week.
11. Have a Date Night/Couple Time at least 2 times a month.
Happy New Year everyone and hopefully I will be here more often :)

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Jen said...

Ashley - I am Mazi from the WW boards eons ago. I just wanted to say that you look phenomenal. KUDDOS to you on the weight loss. Can you maybe blog about how you have done it? I was done 40 and now back up 35. It ain't easy. Thanks! Jen