Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You're a what...?

I just read an article where a woman was proud of her decision to be "part-time mother". WTF is that? How can a seemingly educated adult make the decision to have children, and then when it's not all roses and sunshine decide that it's too much. We all know where babies come from, and how to prevent them so why not get your tubes tied if you don't want kids? Or choose a long term birth control like an IUD?

I am exhausted most days with my 2 kids, but they are mine. I will never look back years from now, and realize that I didn't give them my all. I think that "part-time" mother is no mother at all. Maybe she should call herself a nanny or childcare provider.

So what if I can't travel the world at the drop of a hat. I knew that I was giving up somethings in life to become a mother. I am here to make my kids' lives better, and by being with me my kids have made my life better.


Colleen said...

I read that article too. She reminds me of my aunt who never wanted kids and never had them. After so many years of IF it's hard to imagine any woman who wouldn't want kids and any woman who had kids not wanting to be around them but there are people like that around. Though she said that their relationship was better after she moved so maybe that is a good thing. It's better to be a good part time mom than a horrible full time mom.

Maddie's Mom said...

It makes sense when you put it that way. At least she didn't abandon the kids all together like I've seen before.