Sunday, March 14, 2010

Moving Forward

Things have been going better the last week or so. I've been only getting sick first thing in the morning, and I have been going to work everyday. I have more energy now, but I still get tired fairly easy. I went to see a dietitian last week, and found it very helpful. I had no idea that I was not eating enough carbs at most of my meals, and that I needed to eat more snacks to keep my blood sugar levels stable. I was too excited to find out that I could actually go to KFC and get a small mashed potatoes and gravy, 2 pieces of chicken, and green beans and my blood sugar would be just fine when I tested 2 hours later! WooHoo for mashed potatoes!!!!

We had a doctor's appointment this past Friday that Rob finally got to attend. My doc did another one of those fun up the hooha ultrasounds, and the baby is still measuring a week ahead of their due date. Baby was asleep this time unlike the other ultrasounds where we usually get dancing and jumping shows. It was nice that Rob finally got to see the baby instead of just seeing pictures. I'm excited that my blood pressure and blood sugars are doing good, and I don't have to go back to my OB for 4 weeks! Yippee! I had been going to the doctor every 2 weeks and sometimes more than that. One good thing is that I have a lot of ultrasound pictures to show the baby's progression.

I'm so ready to know the gender so bad. I'm hoping to have that scan when I hit 17 weeks which will be right after Easter. And yes, I am hoping and praying for a healthy baby but I am a member of Team Pink until I see a winkie to prove otherwise.

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