Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guess who?

Guess who got lost or bogged down with life again? My husband mentioned that I hadn't posted in a while, and I realized that every time I planned to post something came up. So now I'm just stopping and taking a quick break to post. So what's happened since my last update? We celebrated Madison's 7th Angelversary or Angel Day. We wanted to do a random act of kindness in her memory so we went shopping for supplies that families staying at our local Ronald McDonald house would need. We took them 2 big baskets full of toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, soap, paper plates and plastic utensils, stationary, envelopes, tape, etc. We had a nice visit and learned more about the house while we were there. It felt good to help someone in Madison's memory.

We also now have a date that we will finalize our adoption! On July 23 we will be able to walk away from this whole foster parent thing and just be a family with no strings attached. We were hoping to get things finalized before Fuzzy turned 5, but we will miss that date by 4 days. So this year we will celebrate his birthday on July 23!

Fuzzy finished his 1st year of school, and will be going to kindergarten in August. This summer we are trying hard to get his medical issues dealt with while he's out of school. He was diagnosed with ADHD this spring, and we were trying to get the right mix of medications so he will be able to calm down and focus better this year. Pre-K was a lot more lenient than kindergarten will be, and I want him to have a level playing field if at all possible. We're also dealing with some aggression issues with him that we have to get under control.

Miss Bella is doing great. We're in the process of getting her potty trained so she can attend a Pre-K3 program in September. But she is stubborn!!!!! In my opinion if you can tell me to clean up your poopy pants then you can get your butt on the potty to poop in it! She will pee all day in the potty, but nothing else. I'm trying to not let her know that she is stressing me the hell out!!!!

Let's see the latest with me is that I got off track and just plain lazy the last month, and haven't lost much. But I have my eating mojo back and I'm back on the healthy, clean eating bandwagon. Hopefully I will get my exercise groove back soon too.

Robert is still the same D&D playing, video game, computer nerd he's always been. :)

I hope to update again this month, but I will make sure that I do update once the adoption is done for sure!

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